Heidi Atanasov | Winter CARDS
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These 4x5 folded cards are pictured as the full card, front/back, unfolded. Designs with with printed insides are pictured in order: first the outside followed by the inside. They include white envelopes. 2forU has a limited number of each one in-stock.
The price may be is discounted depending upon quantity only when ordered directly from 2forU Design (920) 854-7770.
Holly with red border v3 - trees, deerHolly with red border v3 - trees, deer inside 2IMG_3440 e Belgains H&G card v3IMG_3440 e Belgains H&G card v1 insideH_ Poinsetta flip 12-16Winter Red Berries _ Winter Cheer v2cwinter fractal I and sunset, recntr for OP new cropwinter fractal III, angel less satwinter fractal II, tree v0otterhound - you are special0102_Moving Day H0168_Kings Men, Otterhound v2 HEagle Tower, Peninsula Park v1cV_Cave Point winterCave Point Co Park winterOn Vacation - Summer Resident V 2